Eco-friendly. Vegan. Wood Wick crackles as it burns.  Burns very clean.  Completely natural + renewable source.  Helps support American farmers.  FDA approved.  Kosher Certified. Wicks made from ethically sourced wood from FSC Certified Mills.  Native, sappy fruit tree wood. Unique shaped flame.  Non-toxic.  No carbon soot build up.  100% therapeutic grade and/or organic essential oils.  Made in Indiana.   

Candle + Clay mug

  • It is natural to have to light your candle more than once, especially when it's being lit for the first time.  Sometimes, you have to move the wax away or towards the wick to get the candle to stay lit.  This is normal and can easily and gently be done without causing any harm to you or your candle.  

    IMPORTANT:  DO NOT MOVE YOUR CANDLE ONCE YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THE WAX TO THE BOTTOM OF THE VESSEL.  *Metal wick clip is not positioned with glue or anything else but the wax itself.  Moving candle may cause the wick to go off center and thus the candle might not burn down evenly, or could cause one side of the vessel to become overly heated.  

    After wax burns down completely, wash with hot & soapy water to rinse out off of the soy residue left, if any, and reuse!  This vessel was designed to be a coffee/tea mug, wine vessel, or whiskey/hot toddy vessel.  YOU decide!! Share with us on social media: @jenuincreations and @claytable on facebook and instagram.